Virtual Reality

Mind Up

Therapeutic Virtual Reality System for mindfulness treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Unity, Shimmer(GSR, PPG, Temperature, Pressure), Tobii Eye tracking , NIRSIT(Brain Imaging System)


Virtual reality is being used usefully for the purpose of treating various phobias such as interpersonal phobia and acrophobia, and rehabilitation treatment. In this study, a virtual reality-based content and system designed to help training and mindset to overcome panic disorder was produced. Through this study, it was possible to see the possibility of VR that can flexibly treat panic disorder as immersive content using multimodal feedback influences the patient's cognitive behavior.

1. The user calms down by watching the movement of the green cloth.

2. The user selects avartar they want.
3. The experiment consists of three stages: General-Crisis-Intensive, and the user selects one of the three stages. The more difficult the step, the more disturbing factors appear during the experiment.
4. It is the first class in VR. The user introduces himself.
5. After the experiment, the user conducts a survey.
6. After all the experiment, look at the cloth again and calm their mind.
# User introduces himself in VR.

hyeonah choi