Bio Hackers

Hack Yourself

AI, OpenCV, Bio data, Performance
Detect bio data from webcam using AI and represent to music and interface. 
Python, Bio Sensor(ECG, EMG,PPG, GSR), Lilypad, Ableton

Under the concept of bio-hacking, citizens' participation allows them to view their bio-information and present the possibility of awareness and utilization.

We are already exposed to bio-hacking such as gender and race identification, eye-tracking  and heart rate through webcams and bio-sensors on websites such as Google and Amazon. In the coming future, more complex and smarter systems will try to collect and utilize our  private data. In addition to informing citizens of the dangers of such bio-hacking, we will also conduct various experiments to provide new directions and to allow individuals, not military and commercial purposes, to become aware of their bio-information.

Bio information from webcam and bio sensors

hyeonah choi