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Into the Clouds: New Media Art 2021

Produced by CICA Press, Gimpo, Korea
ISBN 979-11-88671-15-1 03600 (paperback)
ISBN 979-11-88671-16-8 05600 (ebook)
Paperback, E-Book
248 Pages

Project - Ongoing

EEG Sonification


Project - Ongoing



Master Thesis

Design Space and Platform Requirements
for Multi-mode Extended Reality

Dec 1, 2020

Sound : Past and Future Project

Virtual Band

April - June , 2020


Visiting Researcher
@ Fluid Interfaces Group, 
MIT Media Lab

Jan 26 - Dec 26, 2020


Clouds :
The 6th International Exhibition on New Media art 2020

Mar 25 - April 12, 2020
CICA Museum


Panoramic Garden

Feb 7 - Feb 16, 2020
Bluescare Chaos Hall, Seoul, South Korea

Bio hackers

Art Performance 

DEC. 2019

VRST 2019 Demo & Patent

PillowVR : Virtual Reality in Bed

A Demonstration of Weaving Virtual Reality into Our Daily Lives


Art and Tech Challenge

Won a $34000 at 2019 Art and Tech Challenge by Arts Council Korea!    

Virtual Reality

Pillow VR

Virtual Reality Framework that integrates the smartphone, magnifier and sensors into a pillow/cushion for immersive VR experience in bed.



The bio-hackers received 7 million won
in funding from the fabcity! 


Young Artist’s First Support by ARKO

Won a $11600 at 2019 Young Artist's First Support Project by Arts Council Korea!   

Virtual Reality

Mind Up

Therapeutic Virtual Reality System for mindfulness treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Bio Hackers

Hack Yourself

The group informs the danger of bio hacking through webcams and bio-sensors due to the development of AI and suggests the possibility of using personal bio information.



The shadow is the unconscious self of a person, object or subject, and the shadow still lives in the space that passes by inadvertently.


Real time Moss Scape. ‘Moss Scape’ connects the environmental problems that are handled on the huge scale of the city to the microscopic and realistic dimensions, while using the moss and fine dust data as the material.

Augmented Reality & app

Powder Room
in My Pocket (PMP)

User can manage their cosmetics using app. They are provided AR cosmetics information (component, make-up tutorial, YouTube).

Augmented Reality & app

Guardians of the Kids

hyeonah choi